Create a Nebeus account

Create a Nebeus account

To create a Nebeus account, you can follow these steps :
  1. Access the Nebeus Signup Page: Open a web browser and visit the following URL: Alternatively, you can download the Nebeus app on your Android or iOS device to get started.
  2. Provide Contact Information: On the signup page, you will see a form asking for your contact information. Fill in the required fields, including your First Name, Surname, Email, and Country. Make sure to provide accurate and valid information.
  3. Open Your Account: Once you have entered your contact information, click or tap on the "Open Account" button. This will initiate the account creation process.
  4. Verify Your Email Address: Nebeus will send you an email containing a One-Time Password (OTP) to the email address you provided during signup. Check your email inbox, locate the email from Nebeus, and open it. Retrieve the OTP code from the email.
  5. Insert OTP Code: Return to the Nebeus signup page or app and locate the field where you need to insert the OTP code. Enter the code you received via email into the designated field. This step verifies your email address and confirms your ownership
  6. Complete the Signup Process: After entering the OTP code, follow any additional instructions or prompts provided by Nebeus to complete the signup process. This may involve setting up Two-factor authentication (2FA), agreeing to the terms and conditions, or providing further personal details for verification purposes.
  7. OTP Code for Login: As a security measure, Nebeus will send you an OTP code every time you log in to your Nebeus account. This code helps protect your account from unauthorized access. Ensure you have access to the email address you provided during signup to receive these codes
By following these steps, you will successfully create a Nebeus account.
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