Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

The Nebeus platform offers a comprehensive dashboard that provides you with an overview of your account and access to various features and services. Here's a breakdown of the key components and functionalities available on the dashboard:

  1. Account Summary: The dashboard prominently displays a summary of your account balance, including the total value of your crypto holdings and the available funds in your Money Account and Crypto Account. This allows you to quickly assess your financial position and track any changes. On the left side menu, you'll find quick access to different products and services, such as Loans, Accounts, Cards, Staking, Renting, Exchange, and Vault.

  2. Personal IBAN and Sort code Account: Your Nebeus account comes with a personal IBAN for euros and a Sort code for British pounds. By clicking on the currency, you can view your account details. These unique account details enable you to conveniently receive and transfer funds, just like a traditional bank account.

  3. Transaction History: The dashboard provides a transaction history log that displays a record of your past deposits, withdrawals, conversions, and other financial activities. This feature allows you to easily monitor your transactional history and track the flow of funds in and out of your account.

  4. Crypto Market Data: Nebeus offers real-time market data for various cryptocurrencies. The dashboard may include live price charts, market trends, and other relevant information to help you stay updated on the performance of your digital assets.

  5. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency: From the dashboard, you can initiate buy and sell orders for cryptocurrencies. Nebeus provides a seamless interface where you can enter the desired amount, choose the currency pair, and execute your trade with just a few clicks.

  6. Deposit and Withdraw Funds: The dashboard provides a straightforward process for depositing funds into your account or initiating withdrawals. You can select your preferred payment method, follow the provided instructions, and securely transfer money to or from your Nebeus account.

  7. Access to Nebeus Services: The dashboard grants you access to a range of Nebeus services, including crypto-backed loans, crypto renting, and more. You can explore these additional offerings and review the options available in the left side menu.

  8. Profile and Settings: The dashboard includes a profile section accessible by clicking on the avatar in the top right corner. In this section, you can manage your personal information, update contact details, and customize your account settings. You can also configure security preferences, such as enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for added protection.

The Nebeus dashboard offers a user-friendly interface that empowers you to manage your account, monitor transactions, engage in crypto trading, access various services, and customize your settings with ease.

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