EUR, Bank Transfer (SEPA)- Fiat Deposits

EUR, Bank Transfer (SEPA)- Fiat Deposits

Bank Transfer (SEPA) Deposit is Free!
To deposit EUR to your Nebeus account using Bank Transfer (SEPA), follow these steps:
  1. Access Operations: For the web version, click on the top-right "Operations" button. In the mobile app, locate the central button with the Nebeus logo in the bottom menu. Tap on it to open the sidebar.
  2. Select EUR: In the opened sidebar, choose the EUR option. This ensures that you are depositing funds in Euros.
  3. Find Bank Details: Look for the provided bank details for the payment. These details will include the recipient's name, IBAN (International Bank Account Number), and BIC (Bank Identifier Code). These details are necessary for initiating the bank transfer.
  4. Include Payment ID: When making the bank transfer, be sure to include the reference payment ID provided by Nebeus. This unique ID is crucial for recognizing and associating your incoming payment with your Nebeus account.

By following these steps and including the necessary payment ID, you can successfully deposit money to your Nebeus account using Bank Transfer (SEPA). This allows you to add funds conveniently and securely, enabling you to engage in various financial activities on the Nebeus platform.

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