How to make a loan repayment?

How to make a loan repayment?

At Nebeus, we understand the importance of providing flexible repayment options to accommodate the diverse preferences and requirements of our customers. This article outlines the available methods for loan repayments, based on whether the loan is in cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Loan Repayment in Cryptocurrency:
If your loan is denominated in cryptocurrency, the repayment process is streamlined for our crypto-oriented customers. The repayment will be facilitated by withdrawing the required amount from your crypto account on our platform. This ensures a seamless and efficient repayment experience.

Loan Repayment in Fiat Currency:
For loans denominated in fiat currency, we offer two distinct avenues for repayment:

1. Corporate Account:
  1. You have the option to make loan repayments using our corporate account. This allows for a straightforward transfer of funds from your chosen payment source to our dedicated corporate account.

2. Trading Account (Not Personal IBAN):
Another option for loan repayment is utilizing your trading account on our platform. Please note that repayment should be made from your trading account, not from your personal IBAN account.

Nebeus aims to provide flexible and convenient loan repayment options for both cryptocurrency and fiat currency loans. If your loan is denominated in cryptocurrency, the repayment process involves withdrawing the required amount from your crypto account. For loans denominated in fiat currency, you can choose between making repayments through our corporate account or from your trading account on our platform (not from your personal IBAN account).

If you have any further questions or require assistance with loan repayments, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are here to guide you through the process and address any concerns.
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