Mass Payouts

Mass Payouts

Getting Started with Mass Payouts

Mass Payouts allow you to send payments en masse from your information system, bypassing the need for manual transactions through the Nebeus user interface. This streamlined process is ideal for businesses looking to automate their payment processes to partners, freelancers, or employees.

Step-by-Step Onboarding

  1. Client Registration and KYB: To access our Mass Payouts platform, ensure your business is registered with Nebeus and has completed the Know Your Business (KYB) verification process
  2. Inquire About Mass Payouts: Interested in using Mass Payouts? Start by requesting detailed information about our service and the technical requirements for connection.
  3. Request to Connect: After reviewing the product and technical details, submit a connection request to our team. We'll review your request and prepare a customized agreement for technical interaction.
  4. Sign Agreement and Integrate: Once both parties have signed the agreement, your development team will work alongside Nebeus support to technically integrate your system with the Mass Payout service through our API.
  5. Testing and Launch: After integrating and testing the connection, you're ready to initiate mass payouts directly from your system.

How to Use Mass Payouts?

  1. Import Mass Payout: Use the Nebeus API to import your payment container into our system.
  2. Request Execution: Following the import confirmation, request the execution of your Mass Payout through the API.
  3. Status Checks: Periodically check the status of your payments to ensure all transactions are processed successfully

Support and Resources 

To facilitate a smooth integration and operation process, we provide comprehensive support, including:

  1. Informational Support: Access to technical and business information about the Mass Payouts service.
  2. Technical and Consulting Support: Our development team is available to assist with technical queries and integration steps.

Costs and Pricing

The Mass Payouts service operates under Nebeus' regular exchange fee model. There are no additional charges specifically for utilizing Mass Payouts, offering a cost-effective solution for your mass payment needs.

Supported Currencies and Regions

Currencies: Mass Payouts can be conducted in all currencies available on the Nebeus platform.
Countries and Territories: Our service enables payments to over 106 countries, adhering to the same operational guidelines as other Nebeus transactions. Please see our supported countries in here

Additional Details

Payment Methods: Currently, Mass Payouts are limited to transfers between internal Nebeus accounts. This ensures a secure and streamlined process for moving funds within the platform.

If there are any additional questions please contact our support team.