My account is closed - what can I do?

My account is closed - what can I do?

Q: Why was my Nebeus account closed?
A: As a regulated entity, Nebeus monitors accounts continuously. If we detect any activity that raises alerts or violates our policies, we may close the account for security and compliance reasons.

Q: What happens to the fees associated with my Nebeus card if my account is closed?
A: Unfortunately, card fees are non-refundable in the event of account closure. Please ensure that all outstanding fees are settled before account termination.

Q: I participated in Nebeus crypto renting programs. What happens to them if my account is closed?
A: If your account is closed, any ongoing crypto renting programs will be terminated. We will provide information on when you can withdraw any accrued rewards from these programs.

Q: Do the same rules apply to other Nebeus programs if my account is closed?
A: Yes, if you are enrolled in any other Nebeus programs, such as savings or lending, they will be closed, and you will be informed about the withdrawal process for any rewards or funds.

Q: Will I have the option to withdraw my funds if my account is closed?
A: Yes, if there are funds in your closed account, you will be provided with the option to withdraw those funds. We strive to make the withdrawal process as smooth as possible for our users.

Please note that these actions are taken in adherence to regulatory requirements and our commitment to maintaining a secure and compliant financial environment. If you have further questions or need assistance, you can contact our support team.
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