How to start if you do not have cryptocurrency?

How to start if you do not have cryptocurrency?

First, you will need to add fund to your Nebeus account. Once is done you can exchange your funds for BTC or ETH.

Adding funds to your account

To start click in   (Located at the top right of your account)

1. Click in "Add funds" arrow.

2. Then click in "Add cash", choose the currency wallet and choose how you want to add cash to your wallet.

Transaction fees:
  1. Debit or Credit Card - (2.9% fee)
  2. Cash Collection point - (6.5% fee)
  3. Bank transfer (SEPA) - (free)- Super Charge Wire Transfer - (free)

Exchanging to Crypto

Once you completed to add fund in to your wallet, you can exchange the fund to BTC or ETH. To start click in   (Located at the top right of your account).

1. Click in "Instant Exchange".

2. The next page will show you the exchange of your default currency to BTC and ETH.

3. If you want to see the exchange in other currencies (you can see in Euro, British Pounds and Dollars) you need to access (located at the top right of your account) and change your default currency to the desired one. Once you change, the exchange graphic will show you the value required.

4. After do all the checks, click "Exchange" and you will be directed to the image below. Choose how you will exchange, accept the payment terms and finalise by clicking in "Confirm".

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