Proof of Address Document Requirements

Proof of Address Document Requirements

Nebeus accepts the following types of documents as proof of address, according to Sumsub's rules:

  1. Utility Bills: Recent utility bills, such as electricity, water, gas, or landline telephone bills, are acceptable. These bills should clearly display your name, residential address, and be dated within the last three months.

  2. Bank Statements: Official bank statements that display your full name, residential address, and are issued by a recognized financial institution are accepted. The statements should be recent, typically within the last three months.

  3. Government Issued Documents: Certain government-issued documents can be used as proof of address, including tax statements, council tax bills, or social security statements. These documents should be recent and display your name and current address.

  4. Tenancy or Lease Agreements: Valid and signed tenancy or lease agreements are acceptable if they clearly state your name, address, and are within the specified timeframe (usually within the last three months).

  5. Official Letters: Certain official letters from government entities, financial institutions, or recognized organizations may be accepted as proof of address. These letters should be recent, typically within the last three months, and contain your name and residential address.

All proof of address documents submitted to Nebeus should be dated within the last three months. Documents older than three months may not be accepted as valid proof of address.

Nebeus accepts both physical copies and digital copies (scanned or photographed) of the proof of address documents. However, please ensure that the digital copies are clear, legible, and in a supported file format (such as PDF or JPEG).

If your name is not listed on the provided proof of address documents, you may need to submit additional supporting documentation, such as a letter of explanation or a document linking your name to the address (e.g., a marriage certificate or a notarized letter from the property owner).

Please note that Nebeus reserve the right to request additional documents or take further measures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain a secure platform for all users.

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