Renting Terms and Information

Renting Terms and Information

The Renting program offered by Nebeus provides an opportunity for users to lend their cryptocurrency holdings and earn income. Here are the key terms and explanations associated with the Renting program:

  1. Borrower: Rintral Trading Sl. is the company acting as the borrower in the Renting program. They are the entity that receives the loaned cryptocurrency from participating customers.

  2. Initial Amount: The initial amount refers to the loan amount provided by the customer to Rintral Trading Sl. as part of the Renting program. This is the cryptocurrency that the customer lends to the borrower.

  3. Reward Rate: Nebeus pays interest on a monthly basis according to the Rewards-Per-Year (RPY) metric. RPY represents the total amount paid by Nebeus for the rental of crypto assets, expressed as an annual percentage of the value of the crypto assets. The interest is paid every 30 days from the start of the crypto-renting program. The reward rate, expressed as an annual percentage, represents the rate at which you can earn income by lending your cryptocurrency through the Renting program. The specific reward rate for each cryptocurrency may vary, and it is important to review the rate associated with the particular cryptocurrency you intend to lend.

  4. Lock-Up Period: The lock-up period is a specific duration during which the deposited crypto assets are locked and cannot be withdrawn. During this period, the customer is not able to access or withdraw their assets. Once the lock-up period ends, the Renting program continues to be active, generating monthly rewards for the selected duration.

  5. Crypto Selection: Users participating in the Renting program can choose the cryptocurrency they want to lend and the cryptocurrency in which they wish to receive income. This allows flexibility in selecting the desired cryptocurrency for lending and the preferred cryptocurrency for receiving rewards.

  6. Duration: The Renting program typically operates for a specific duration, which may vary depending on the cryptocurrency and the specific terms offered by Nebeus. The duration refers to the period during which you can earn rewards by lending your cryptocurrency. It is important to note the duration when considering your participation in the program.

Note: As part of our services, we serve as a tax agent in Spain and are tasked with withholding taxes from client income generated through renting and staking activities. The percentage of tax withheld is contingent upon the client's country of residence and may be subject to change due to legislative updates. Users who choose Nebeus's crypto renting or staking services shall be solely responsible for payment to the applicable government authorities of any other taxes, penalties, duties, levies, and interest applicable to any amounts receivable or received in connection with this Agreement.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the client provides consent to our withholding of the applicable tax from their income

For more detailed information regarding the Renting program, including borrower profiles, available lending opportunities, and specific terms, it is recommended to refer to the Nebeus platform's interface, help center, or contact their customer support. They will provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the program. Please note that the terms may be subject to change, and it's important to review the most current information provided by Nebeus for the Renting program.

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