Requirements for Creating a Business Account

Requirements for Creating a Business Account

Creating a business account with Nebeus enables you to leverage our crypto services for your company. This article outlines the information and documents required to successfully create a business account. By providing the necessary details and completing the application process, you can take advantage of Nebeus's business-oriented features.

Requirements for Creating a Business Account:
To create a business account with Nebeus, you will need the following information and documents:

1. Contact Information:
  1. Contact name and email address of the authorized representative handling the account.
2. Registered Entity Details:
  1. Legal name of the registered entity, as per official documentation.
  2. Entity registration number or unique identifier.
  3. Business registration date.
3. Business Information:
  1. Business website URL.
  2. A clear description of your business activity and how you intend to use Nebeus services.

4. Company Certificate:
  1. Upload the company certificate or any official document that verifies the legal existence of your business.
5. Estimated Monthly Volume:
  1. Provide an estimate of your anticipated monthly transaction volume.
6. Source of Funds:
  1. Upload relevant documents that explain the source of funds for your business transactions.
7. Business Address:
  1. The official registered address of your business.
8. Tax Residency:
  1.  Specify the tax residency of your business.
9. Company Bank Details:
  1. Provide the bank account details associated with your business.
10. Bank Statement:
  1. Upload bank statements for the last three months to verify your business's financial activity.
11. Questionnaire
  1. Complete questionnaire in the application
11. KYC of all board members 

After Submitting Your Application:
Once you have completed and submitted your application, our team will review the information provided. If any additional information or documents are required, our team will contact you promptly. Please ensure that the contact information provided is accurate and regularly monitored to facilitate the application process.

For Further Assistance:
If you have any additional questions or require more information regarding business accounts, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are available to address any queries and guide you through the process.

Creating a business account with Nebeus requires specific information and documentation to ensure compliance and security. By providing the requested details, you can successfully create a business account and unlock the full potential of Nebeus's services. Should you require any assistance, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Nebeus as your preferred crypto platform. We look forward to supporting your business's financial needs effectively and securely.
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