What is Excess Collateral Release, and how does it work?

What is Excess Collateral Release, and how does it work?

Excess Collateral Release is an extra option that you can select when getting a Nebeus Flexible Crypto-Backed Loan, which allows you to get part of your collateral back if cryptocurrency prices rise by more than 10%.

How does Excess Collateral Release work?

If you turn on the Excess Collateral Release option, Nebeus will monitor the price and volatility of the cryptocurrency that you are using as collateral for your loan. If prices increase by more than 10%, Nebeus will automatically give you back part of your collateral. 

Excess Collateral Release is an excellent option if you are taking out a long-term loan. If crypto prices rise, it can help you avoid having your loan overcollateralized more than needed, and you can start putting your excess collateral to use.

Is there anything that I need to do after selecting this option?

Nothing! The process is fully automated, and Nebeus will do everything for you. 

Just sit back, relax, enjoy your loan, and be bullish on crypto! 😉 

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