Where can I find my Crypto Account address?

Where can I find my Crypto Account address?

To find your cryptocurrency account address on Nebeus, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Nebeus account on the web version by clicking the "Operation" button located in the top right corner. For the mobile app, access the menu by clicking the central button with the Nebeus logo at the bottom.

  2. In the opened sidebar, select the cryptocurrency for which you want to find the account address.

  3. Once you have selected the cryptocurrency, you will be presented with the respective account details. Look for the section that displays your cryptocurrency account address.

  4. The account address is a unique string of characters specific to each cryptocurrency. It acts as the destination address when you want to receive cryptocurrency to your Nebeus account. You can either manually copy the address or use the provided QR code to scan it with your cryptocurrency wallet app.

Note that each cryptocurrency on Nebeus will have its own separate account address. Make sure you select the correct cryptocurrency in the sidebar to view the corresponding account address.

If you are unable to locate your cryptocurrency account address or have any further questions, I recommend reaching out to Nebeus customer support for direct assistance. They will be able to guide you and provide the necessary information regarding your specific account and cryptocurrency address.

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