Invest BTC, ETH in a Crypto secured Loan

            All Nebeus loans are collateralised. Investors funds are used only to issue collateral loans.

            Interest paid: Monthly
            Term: 3 - 36 Month
            Interes Rate: 6.85 - 8.25 %

            Opening a Savings account is simple. Just follow these easy steps!

            - Please click on the link "Vault" on the right  menu 
            - Specify from which account the funds will be transferred to a Savings  account. From the moment of transfer, the deposit term begins.
            - Send the deposit parameter to the Chat or Ticket:
            1. Deposit Amount
            2. Deposit Currency
            3. Deposit Term
            Within 24 hours a monthly payment schedule will be sent to your email.

            Updated: 08 Mar 2019 03:58 AM
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