Can I close my account?

Can I close my account?

At Nebeus, we understand that circumstances may change, and you may decide to close your account. This article outlines the process of closing your Nebeus account, including information about any associated fees.

Closing Your Account:
Yes, you have the option to close your Nebeus account. The process is simple and can be done through your account settings.

Steps to Close Your Account:

  1. Open the Nebeus mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the settings section.
  3. Within the settings, locate and click or tap on the option to "Close Account."
Account Closure Fee:
Please note that there is a fee of 10€ associated with closing your Nebeus account. This fee covers administrative costs related to the closure process.

Closing your Nebeus account is possible, and the process is accessible through the settings section of the mobile app. Keep in mind that a fee of 10€ applies to account closure to cover administrative expenses.

If you have any further questions or require assistance with closing your account, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to guide you through the process and address any concerns you may have.
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