Closure Policy

Closure Policy

1.  Introduction

This Closing Account Policy outlines the procedures and conditions under which customers can close their accounts with Nebeus. This policy is compliant with Spanish law and aims to ensure a transparent and seamless account closure process for our customers.

2.  Eligibility for Account Closure

Customers may request to close their accounts if they meet the following conditions:

  1. All pending transactions have been settled.
  1. There are no outstanding debts or fees associated with the account.
  1. The account is not under investigation for fraudulent activities.
  1.  The account balance reaches zero Euro (see below at 5. Account Balance Refund)


3.   Account Closure Methods

3.1  Automatic Closure via Mobile App


Customers using our mobile app can easily close their accounts by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the mobile app.
  1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" section.
  1. Select the "Close Account" option.
  1. Confirm the closure request after reviewing the terms.

 The identification process via the app utilizes two-factor authentication, ensuring Nebeus's compliance with Data Protection Regulations during verification. Additionally, we safeguard the possibility of requesting supplementary documentation if necessary for validation purposes.

3.1.1.  Verification Process

  1. The system will automatically verify the identity of the account holder.
  2.  The system will check that all account activities have been reconciled and there are no pending issues.
  3. The user will receive a confirmation email once the account closure is completed.

3.2  Manual Closure for Non-App Users


Customers who do not use our mobile app can close their accounts by following these steps:

  1.   Submit a formal closure request via our online platform or email it to our customer support team
  2.  Provide a valid identification document (DNI/NIE/Passport) for verification purposes.
  3.   Additionally, we need one of the following documents to ensure the security of your personal data:

a)  a bank, building society, or card statement;

b)  a store card or catalogue statement;

c)  a utility bill.

  1. As per our Data Protection Policy, all documents must be original, not photocopies, and dated within the last three months. It must also show the full name or first initial, surname, and current address.
  2. Await confirmation from our customer support team regarding the request's status.

3.2.1.  Verification Process


  1.   Our customer support team will manually verify the identity of the account holder.
  2. The team will ensure that all account activities have been reconciled and there are no pending issues.
  3.  The customer will receive a confirmation email once the account closure is completed.

4.  Settling Pending Transactions and Fees

 Before closing the account, customers must:

  1. Ensure all pending transactions have been completed.
  2. Pay any outstanding fees or charges associated with the account.
  3. For further details, refer to Section 3.3, 'Inactive Account Fee,' of the Dormant Account Policy
  4.   Nebeus reserves the right to deduct any remaining fees from the account balance.

5.  Account Balance Refund

Until a formal request for account closure is made, the account balance must reach €0. The account holder will be given a 48-hour period to spend or withdraw their funds.

If there were remaining untaken funds at the time of closure they will be transferred directly to the Unclaimed Funds account (as per our Terms of Use).


6.  Data Retention and Privacy

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Organic Spanish Law 3/2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, Nebeus will:

  1. Retain account information for a period of 10 years counting from the date of closure for legal and regulatory purposes.
  2. Ensure that personal data is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and applicable data protection regulations.
  3. This processing aims to ensure compliance with AML and Counter-Terrorism Financing Law. Your personal data will be deleted once the mandatory retention period stipulated under the applicable laws expires.

7.  Consequences of Account Closure

Upon closure of the account:

  1.  The customer will lose access to all services and features provided by Nebeus
  2. Any linked services, such as direct debits or recurring payments, will be automatically terminated.
  3.  The customer is responsible for notifying any third parties of the account closure.

8.  Amendments to the Policy

Nebeus reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. Customers will be notified of any significant changes through our official communication channels.


9.  Governing Law

This policy is governed by the laws of Spain. Any disputes arising from or in connection with this policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Spain.

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